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Auto Scheduling Software
Rules Based Scheduling Made Perfect


Scheduling employees accurately and efficiently is essential, but not always easy. SchedulePerfect is a cloud-based staff scheduling system that automatically creates the perfect schedule, even with the most complex scheduling scenarios. 


Work smarter, not harder by taking the guesswork out of scheduling and automatically creating the best schedule possible. SchedulePerfect’s powerful algorithm incorporates your rules and priorities, creating a fully filled and equitable schedule. SchedulePerfect matches the ideal staff members with the ideal shifts in their credentialed facilities and roles. Discover SchedulePerfect’s Automatic Scheduling Software today.


Creating a fair schedule keeps your staff happy, reduces turnover and helps your business thrive. SchedulePerfect automatically creates fair schedules that equally distribute undesirable shifts, respect provider and facility preferences, follow all your custom rules and accommodate individual preferences whenever possible – it can even maximize days off in a row. 


SchedulePerfect is packed with features that provide a variety of valuable benefits:

  • Easily access SchedulePerfect from anywhere
  • Robust support for scheduling multiple locations
  • Customizable reporting and payroll integration
  • Easy shift trading system and communication of shift availabilities
  • Internally manage all scheduling priorities, rules, and preferences
  • Sync schedules with any mobile device in real-time
  • Unique and Powerful Auto Scheduling Algorithm


Let SchedulePerfect do the work for you – and free up more time to manage and grow your business. Drastically reduce the time you spend scheduling with our auto scheduling solution.


SchedulePerfect was built from the ground up by our expert development team. Working hand-in-hand with our trusted industry partners, SchedulePerfect is designed to always exceed your day-to-day requirements. 


SchedulePerfect lets you create schedules based on employee availability, shift and location preferences and necessary credentials. With your approval, SchedulePerfect also allows employees to trade or take open shifts, but never breaks your global rules that must not be broken.


Because SchedulePerfect is cloud-based and optimized for mobile access, you can manage your entire schedule from anywhere, including any mobile device. Additionally, our built-in messaging feature allows you to quickly and easily send important email and text notifications to your staff members. 

Secure, Fast, and Reliable.

With high-grade encryption, you can always count on secure, reliable, and fast access to your scheduling system. Your data is backed up daily and secured on multiple servers across the country. While SchedulePerfect is easy to use, we’re always here to help with 24/7 U.S.-based support anytime you need us. 


Make the most of your data with easily generated custom reports that help you analyze productivity, monitor shift assignments and time off. SchedulePerfect integrates seamlessly with your payroll and provides powerful reports that are important to your business.


Our hassle-free month-to-month pricing means you’re never in a long-term contract and there’s no costly equipment to buy. SchedulePerfect provides a time-efficient, cost-efficient schedule solution with straight-forward pricing.