Scheduling Software

SchedulePerfect has been developed for the complexities involved in anesthesia scheduling. Other anesthesia scheduling software packages may improve the efficiency in distributing and communicating the schedules to your providers, but they really fall short when it comes to creating the most ideal schedule. In most cases, the schedules still need to be created manually. SchedulePerfect’s Anesthesia Scheduling solutionautomatically creates the most ideal schedule for your entire practice. Our unique and powerful rules based scheduling algorithm makes the complex problem of scheduling very easy.

On top of the perfect anesthesia scheduling software, SchedulePerfect integrates seemlessly with SurgicalCloud to provide a complete practice management solution that handles everything from scheduling through claims and account receivables.

Scheduling Features

  • Perfect Schedules Automatically
  • Integrates with SurgicalCloud
  • Access all Schedules in One System
  • Support Multiple Locations
  • Credentialing Repository
  • Customized Reporting
  • Easy Shift Trading
  • Anesthesia Providers Submit Unavailability Settings
  • Staff Priority Settings
  • Shift Priority Settings
  • Equal Distribution of Shifts
  • Undesirable Shifts Consideration
  • Consecutive Shifts Settings
  • Overnight Rules
  • Maximum Shifts Rules
  • Custom Rules (If you need a rule we haven’t built into SchedulePerfect, we build it into SchedulePerfect)
  • Location Consideration
  • Email Integration
  • Custom Shift Breakdown Reports
  • iCalendar Support
  • Push Notifications
  • 24 Hour U.S. Based Support
  • Zero Installation Required and Maintenance Free
  • Mobile Friendly – Optimized for Multiple Platforms with Access Anywhere
  • Save/Load Previous Schedules
  • Easily Perform Bulk Actions with our unique Schedule Table System
  • Unique and Powerful Auto Scheduling Algorithm
  • Easy to Use. User Interface is Intuitive and Navigation couldn’t be easier
  • Happy Providers
  • Happy Schedulers